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[VIDEO] A Conversation With Julie Holton: Becoming A Business Owner

We love hearing stories from entrepreneurs on how they got their start. Some grow up dreaming of owning a business. Some spread their wings later in life, in search of freedom and flexibility. And some start out in their mom’s high heels and “reporter” trench coat! “My mom would tell you that even as a little kid, I was walking around in her high heels and trench coat, out there reporting on the news in our backyard!” said Julie Holton, Principal Strategist + Owner of mConnexions. “But, there is freedom and flexibility in what I am doing now. I am able to pick and choose whose stories I am telling, and I am able to get creative in how I tell those stories… I think it is always something that is going to be part of what I do, and I am just excited to be able to do that for clients and business that are in some way giving back.” Watch the full video of Julie sharing our mC story with Paul Schmidt of UnoDeuce Multimedia here:

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