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The Importance of Creating a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing your business, are you putting all of your eggs into just one basket? If the chaos of 2020 has proven one thing, it’s that the marketplace can change quickly and without warning. With this, we've seen the immense risk that some organizations take when they put all of their marketing efforts into one channel. It’s evident that many companies continue to face challenges in adapting to the drastic changes of this year, and even organizations that have been in existence for almost 200 years have folded (we’ll miss you, Lord and Taylor…

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3 Social Media Platforms You May Not Have Considered for Your Business

If social media was a high school, which club would you join first? We imagine the artsy kids would be drawn to Instagram. The jocks are swapping sports scores on Twitter. The popular kids are creating new filters on SnapChat. Science Olympiads are recording their experiments on YouTube. The debate team would spend most of its time on LinkedIn. Gamers are on Reddit. Theatre kids are on your page on TikTok. The yearbook staff is on Facebook. Home ec is all over Pinterest. Geeks like us at mConnexions, well, we’re in all the clubs! Just like high school clubs…

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