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More than one year into the global pandemic, it has become more important than ever to make sure people have access to the resources they need to cope with the changes brought on by COVID-19.

Figures show that roughly one-third of small businesses across the country are shut down, with many in danger of never reopening. For those that are operating, revenue is down significantly.

“Behind every struggling small business is a small business owner, who has often poured his or her life savings into building out their dream,” said Julie Holton, Host and Executive Producer of Expert Connexions. “Our team at mConnexions is passionate about helping these businesses because we live it ourselves every day. This is why we have teamed up with WLAJ-TV to create Expert Connexions, a show designed to connect our audience to the experts they need to run their business and improve their everyday lives.”

Expert Connexions brings the experts to you every Monday morning after Good Morning America at 9 a.m. on WLAJ-TV in Lansing, MI.

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Get to know the experts featured on Expert Connexions:

Legal Connexions

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted business operations on a global scale. As regulations and mandates have changed, with more changes still to come, business leaders benefit from practical counsel to help guide decisions.

Each week on Expert Connexions, attorneys from Foster Swift address topics that include how to adjust business operations during the pandemic, what you need to know about changes in employment law, how to protect your intellectual property, and more.

Sales Connexions

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new normal for conducting business, or as our Sales Connexions expert, Shari Pash calls it, our next normal. This includes operations for all types of businesses, nonprofits, and membership organizations.

Shari Pash is the founder of Strategic Solutions for Growth, a training company headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. She works with Chambers of Commerce, corporations, small business, and nonprofits across the U.S. and Canada, focusing her work on sustainable member, volunteer, and sales growth.

Marketing Connexions

Building connections is the key to setting up your business for success. In their weekly segment on Expert Connexions, our marketing experts share their insight into how to craft your message to attract the right clients, with a focus on your website, digital marketing, and video storytelling.

Our Marketing Connexions experts include Jesse Flores of SuperWebPros, Tim Haines of Symposia Labs, Paul Schmidt of UnoDeuce Multimedia, and Julie Holton of mConnexions Marketing Agency.

Heart & Soul Connexions

We all face new challenges in our businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, health centers, and the overall marketplace, creating unique dynamics that can become problematic for us in our personal lives.

As a progressive, diverse organization of accomplished women from across the state, She Leads Michigan offers perspective that can only come from hundreds of leaders representing a broad spectrum of influence. These leadership experts offer collaboration with faith-based solutions for modern-day challenges.

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A three-time Emmy award-winning writer, tv producer & executive producer, Julie Holton has extensive media and communication experience.

In addition to hosting and executive producing Expert Connexions, Julie currently co-hosts the Think Tank of Three Podcast, is a featured author in numerous blogs and publications, and is an issue editor for the Legal Marketing Association’s Strategies Magazine.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Julie spent more than ten years working in top television newsrooms across the country. She started her TV news career at WLNS in Lansing and spent time in Saginaw, MI, Richmond, VA, Minneapolis, MN, and Indianapolis, IN before returning to her home state of Michigan.

Julie also works extensively with non-profit organizations. She currently sits on the Advisory Board for ePIFanyNow and works as a media strategist for Grit, Glam & Guts, and Voices of Color. She previously served for a number of years on the Board of Directors for the Alzheimer’s Association, Michigan Chapter.

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Julie Holton | mConnexions Marketing Agency
Style Connexions

A special thank you to these dynamic style partners for helping create our look on the show: Polka Dots Boutique in Old Town Lansing offers women’s clothing, jewelry, and accessories at modest prices. Not only are these items fun and fashionable, they are also ethically sourced goods that give back to important causes. The Standard Spa in Lansing offers various services such as lash extensions, medical-grade peels and masks, brow microblading, warm wax sessions, and more. Amber Wilder is an independent makeup artist and hairstylist in Old Town, Lansing, specializing in enhancing true natural beauty. Learn more by following Amber on Facebook and Instagram.


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