Our entire global community is feeling the impact of changes being made due to COVID-19. As we face these challenges together, our team at mConnexions is highlighting the services available to help, with a special Q&A series on Facebook called ExpertConnexions, led by Julie Holton. Each of these interviews is showcased below along with additional resources on crisis communications, marketing, and business recovery.


Feeding Our Frontline Heroes

We are so thankful for our frontline heroes! Starting on National Nurses Day, we are celebrating the courage and selflessness of all of our healthcare heroes by making a donation to our clients and friends [...]

  • COVID 19 - Roadmap for Recovery

Free Virtual Training: COVID-19 Roadmap to Recovery

As states begin to reopen, business owners everywhere are facing a new normal. Many are wondering how they can adjust their businesses to better manage the fallout from the economic shutdown, while also best-supporting clients [...]

  • working from home

Working from Home: Tech, Tips & Tricks

If we are learning anything during the last few weeks, it’s that times can become uncertain in a hurry. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing schools, conferences, restaurants, and other businesses temporarily shutting down [...]

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