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Your Partner + Marketing Consultant

We believe that the best consultants live and breathe the guidance they are giving.

mConnexions Principal Strategist, Julie Holton has more than 15 years of media and marketing experience. As an entrepreneur, Julie understands the day-to-day work that it takes to run a business. As a marketer, she has the expertise to show you how to make strategic decisions about where to spend your time, budget, and resources to generate new business. As your partner and consultant, Julie will lead all training sessions, tailor-made to fit your unique business goals and marketing needs.

Julie’s expertise is widely recognized with awards by the Legal Marketing Association, the Associated Press, and other leading industry organizations. A three-time Emmy award-winning writer, producer & executive producer, Julie also has extensive media and communication experience. She currently hosts two podcasts, is a featured author in numerous blogs and publications, and is an issue editor of Strategies magazine.

Marketing + Organizational Consulting

Entrepreneurs need structure and organization to successfully launch and grow their start-ups.

Whether you are starting a new business or going through a period of growth, your business is only as strong as the foundation you build. Especially as you begin to grow and scale, that foundation needs to be solid.

This is where our own operations guru, Stephanie Barnhill comes into the picture as a startup and organizational consultant. Stephanie has vast experience working with startups, small businesses, and nonprofits.

Together with Julie Holton, who offers guidance for your marketing and business development initiatives, Stephanie can help you put the right systems, processes, and technology in place for smooth operations as you scale your business.

Stephanie Barnhill - mConnexions
mConnexions - Julie Holton - Stephanie Barnhill

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