Video Series: Marketing Trends 2019

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Video Series: Top Marketing Trends

It’s 2019 and the “new” year is in full swing. The weather is finally warming up, the sun is shining, and your businesses might be thinking about new beginnings. Spring is the perfect time to take on new challenges and embrace opportunities to grow your business. In fact, it’s a great time to look at the [...]

Video Series: How to Create Authenticity in Design (And Why It Matters!)

In 2015, Matthew Tyson of The Huffington Post wrote that millennials, “are not moved by flashy ads, big promises, and the ‘wow’ factor. They want authentic messages, authentic brands, and authentic interactions.” Four years later, millennials have maintained huge buying power. They crave emotional connections and will look for this connection when deciding between brands. This [...]

Video Series: How to Save Valuable Time with Email Automation

Have you ever received an email that was just so “you” you couldn’t believe it? Whether it was filled with the perfect books to read on your upcoming vacation, or the best outfits for your summer full of weddings, it’s likely that you happily clicked the “browse now” or “get this” button. That’s a highly targeted, [...]

Video Series: Top Two Trends to Improve Your Writing

When it comes to writing trends, we have two big buzzwords for you: Humanize and Alexa. While these may seem like opposite trends, more and more businesses are finding out how vital relatability and accessibility are to increasing your client base and creating lasting customer loyalty. That’s why humanizing your content and utilizing voice search are [...]

Video Series: Social Media Marketing that Works

Social media plays an essential part in many of our lives on a daily basis. According to Forbes, “As of January 2018, there are 4.02 billion internet users around the globe – that’s 53% of the world’s total population.” Of those users, 3.2 billion, or 42% of the population are active social media users. These same [...]

Video Series: How to Create Content that Sells

There is one key component to a successful marketing campaign — solid content. Some businesses prefer traditional outbound marketing campaigns such as advertisements while other businesses utilize blogs or e-newsletters to promote their brands.  One thing is certain however, correctly curating your content on your preferred platform can be beneficial and delivering at a balanced pace [...]

Video Series: Avoid the Salesy Pitch With Inbound Marketing

Trends can be fleeting. The hot new thing one year can quickly fall off the radar the following year. Focusing your marketing efforts on the wrong trend can be detrimental to your business’s budget and planning. Inbound marketing is the most effective and efficient way to increase your customer base and retain them, and it’s a trend that is here to stay! As one [...]

Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 from mConnexions
1212, 2018

Top Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2019

2019 is here — a new year, new challenges, new opportunities for growth, and a whole new set of digital marketing trends!

To help your business prepare for what the new year might bring, we’ve put together a walk-through of some up-and-coming trends that you can expect to make a strong statement in 2019. […]

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