Every year, trends come and go and it’s hard to know which ones will stay and which ones will go the way of apps like Periscope and labels like QR codes.

It’s tough to know where to invest your time and your money. To help you embrace this time of growth and fresh starts, we’ve compiled our list of 2019’s most impactful trends.

In these videos, you’ll get an insider’s perspective straight from mConnexions Owner & Principal Strategist Julie Holton. Watch all seven videos in the series, and click to read the blogs for more information on each topic.

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Video Series: Julie Holton Sits Down with Uno Deuce Multimedia

A Conversation on Becoming A Business Owner

From producing in the newsroom to being the communications and marketing director of a law firm. What made her finally spread her wings and start her own business? Well, you’re about to find out. Julie Holton, Owner and Principal Strategist at mConnexions, shares her story of why and how she started mConnexions with Paul Schmidt of Uno Deuce Multimedia in this video blog.

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3 Things to Improve Your Digital Brand

Spending time and money on digital branding can often be a hard sell to your company execs — because it can be difficult to measure the return on brand awareness. But if you want to attract new leads, digital branding is critical to your success.

mConnexions Principal Strategist and Owner, Julie Holton shows us three things you can do to immediately improve your digital brand.

Easy Steps to Improve Your Digital Brand

If you want to attract new clients or customers, and raise awareness of and loyalty to your business, then developing a strong strategy for branding is crucial for your success.

mConnexions Principal Strategist and owner, Julie Holton talks with Media Coach and Public Speaking Trainer, Kathryn Janicek about steps to take to improve your digital branding.

How to Use Social Media to Capture Attention

Do you have expertise in a unique niche? Want to get your story out there to make a difference? Looking for local media attention to grow your business?

In this recording that aired live on Facebook, mConnexions Principal Strategist and Owner, Julie Holton, is interviewed by Media Coach & Public Speaking Trainer, Kathryn Janicek. Together, the two discuss how you can treat your company like a mini newsroom, using the power of social media storytelling to capture the attention of local and major media outlets.

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