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mConnexions Marketing Services

Whether you’re looking for a full-service marketing team or some guidance to point you in the right direction, our expert marketing strategists are here to help.

Attract new clients with a strong digital marketing presence. Our services include social media marketing, email marketing, website development and management, search engine optimization, Google ads, the integration of video, and more. We tailor our strategy to fit your needs with a la carte options or a full-service approach.

Strong content is the cornerstone of every successful marketing campaign. Our team includes published writers, copyeditors, and seasoned writers led by an Emmy award-winning writer and producer. From traditional advertisements to ghostwriting for blogs, emails, newsletters, whitepapers, and more, we provide high-quality content.

Every business has a brand. Is yours sending the right message? Strong strategic branding will help attract new leads and encourage loyalty from existing clients. We work with businesses and start-ups of all sizes to create or refine a unique brand identity. Our strategic branding work includes logo design, brand messaging, website content, and more.

Dedicated to Helping Our Business Community Recover from COVID-19

Our entire global community continues to feel the impact of changes made during the pandemic. As we face these challenges together, our team at mConnexions is highlighting the services available to help businesses. Our special Q&A series called ExpertConnexions features interviews with more than 50 experts.

Get to Know the Heart of Our mConnexions Team

At mConnexions, building connections is at the heart of what we do! With strategic branding, digital marketing, and content creation at our core, our mConnexions team builds, implements, and manages custom marketing strategies to help our clients grow.

Whether you’re looking for simple guidance, training for your executives, or full-service marketing solutions managed by our team, we can provide the marketing expertise to propel your business forward.


Our mConnexions team is made up of leading creative strategists from diverse business and marketing backgrounds. Each person brings a unique skill set to our collaborative process. Whether you need one marketing service or a custom package, we will handpick the right team members to work with your business.

Social Media Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Email Marketing

Public Relations & Media Consulting

Search Engine Optimization

Google & Social Media Ads

Video Production

Website Development

What our clients say about working with mConnexions:

“Hiring Julie to train Foster Swift’s municipal attorneys on social media and how to create their own client education videos using their phones was an excellent decision. As an Emmy winning producer for network news, Julie immediately had their respect and was able to provide practical hands-on instruction so at the end of the lunch-and-learn program, the attorneys were confident to use their new skills. The result has been more frequent posts and increased engagement from clients and potential clients.”

Kim Hafley, Director of Marketing & Recruitment, Foster Swift Collins & Smith

“As a consultant that works with clients throughout the US and Canada, Julie’s consulting and strategy sessions are a valuable tool to my business growth. Through our monthly consulting and coaching sessions we have re-branded my business, developed a dynamic website, created a large catalog of tools I can use for exposure and staying front of mind with my clients, and have updated my brand. Working with the full mConnexions team provides expertise in so many areas, and one call to accomplish all my marketing and branding needs. The guidance Julie provides has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.”

Shari Pash, Membership and Growth Strategist, Strategic Solutions for Growth

“I thought we were doing “just fine” with our marketing and SEO efforts…until we switched to mConnexions. I am truly impressed by the plan that was put together, how easy the company is to work with, how fast they get things done, and just how much they have accomplished. I recommend them to everyone I know. From social media to marketing to SEO to website to everything in between, this is one rockstar company!”

Jessica Brooks, Crystal Gardens

“It is such a pleasure to work with Julie on all aspects of building my business. I’m always impressed with her level of organization and attention to detail in order to complete projects in a timely manner. For me, I’m consistently amazed by her ability to self-manage and to maintain her focus in order to keep projects moving forward. Moreover, she is easy to work with and, when needed, is flexible in changing the scope of a project or the direction it is headed based on her innate ability to see the bigger picture. Julie gives you everything she’s got when she works with you, making me feel like my business is a top-priority for her. I am grateful to work with someone with such integrity and so committed to helping me succeed. Thank you for all that you do!”

Brooke Borgquist, MyoWorks Massage Therapy

“Julie and her team have been excellent in talking me through a more thorough social media strategy and helping integrate what we are doing with the website to make it seamless. She’s personable, flexible and full of great ideas! I truly enjoy working with her.”

Paul Schmidt, UnoDeuce Multimedia

“Thanks for doing what you do! My small business has benefited quite a bit from your webinars.”

Lydia Crespo, Argaman & Defiance


Connect with us today to put our experienced marketing strategists to work helping you build your business.



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