Changing the world starts at home. Supporting what we believe in takes more than just words. So let’s put some action behind our feelings and fight racism, one purchase at a time!

Several weeks ago, we were inspired by our client and Lansing-area realtor, Amy Jackson. In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Amy’s message to the community was simple and yet somehow so profound: be a good neighbor.

Did you know only HALF of Americans know their neighbors’ names?Amy Jackson - Be A Good Neighbor Image

Drawing on this inspiration, our team at mConnexions has launched a FUNdraising campaign to put some actions behind our words. Let’s fight racism together, one purchase at a time.

We have created some pretty cool swag that we can’t wait to wear around town! It comes with important reminders: kindness wins, be a good neighbor, and spread kindness (not germs) like confetti.

Every cent raised will go directly to One Love Global, a nonprofit that is working to break trans-generational cycles of poverty and trauma in the Black community through social entrepreneurship and leadership development.

This campaign runs for the next 3 weeks only, so buy your t-shirt, tank top, coffee mug, and mask TODAY before time runs out! We know the power of social media, so we’d love your help spreading the campaign. Be a good neighbor and simply share this post.

Click to view our full fundraising store with custom prints from our team at mConnexions!

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