Podcast: 3 Big Holiday Marketing Myths Debunked

3 Big Holiday Marketing Myths Debunked

‘Tis the season for holiday marketing! It’s an important time of year for businesses. Which means there’s no time to waste on tactics that don’t work.

Holiday time is big for business, but that doesn’t mean you need to get in on the gimmicks or spin your wheels with promotions that won’t help your sales.

Here are three big holiday marketing myths debunked!

  1. Myth: Holiday marketing has to be expensive.
    No way! Come up with a fun tag line or set of promotions and graphics that you can use all season long.
  2. Myth: The crazier the promotion, the better.
    The biggest discount doesn’t always mean better sales. We know that people expect some sort of promo or discount. Rely on your data to know what you can afford to offer. Also consider adding value instead of discounting your prices. Giving something extra for the same price, instead of slashing the price.
  3. Myth: You need everyone to hear about your holiday sale!
    Just like we say you don’t need to be on every social media platform, it’s also important to recognize that you don’t need everyone to hear about your sale — only those who are most likely to buy, those who are in your target audience.

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