4 Instagram Strategies Every Brand Needs To Know

Are you part of the rapidly-expanding number of users utilizing the popular photo-sharing platform Instagram? If not, it might be time to consider signing up. Over the last few years, Instagram has not only remained the leading social media platform, it has also seen remarkable growth. As of June 2018, the photo-sharing network had reached 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram has become a key platform for brands to market themselves, making it clear that there is so much more to Instagram than just posting a picture with a cool filter.

Here are 4 strategies that you should understand in order to maximize your presence, build better engagement, and help establish your brand on Instagram.

1. Make The Most Of Your Profile

Make sure that you’re not treating your business account as the same way you treat your personal one. Convert your account to a business profile to gain some key optimization tools. Business profiles provide great analytics tools, and allow you to display a contact button for your email, phone, business address, and directions. Also, always make sure that you are using the link in your bio to link to either your website or another external landing page with business information. Since links are not clickable within posts on Instagram, the link in your bio will give your followers a direct link to view your website or key landing page.

2. Use Hashtags and Mentions

As with any social media platform, the quality of your content matters. On Instagram, the content itself is not enough; you must use hashtags in order for your content to be found. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post, and you should always try to use the full 30 to maximize potential reach. Make sure to use relevant product-related hashtags, so when your target audience uses those hashtags in the search box, they will find your posts.. Your brand should also create a unique hashtag that Instagram users can use to interact with, and can use when posting pictures of their own.

Like many social media platforms, Instagram allows you to tag other users in your posts. Mentioning others, using the @ symbol, is a great way to give credit to another user who has provided value within the post. Tagging someone will also get that person’s attention. This is a great tool when posting or commenting, allowing you to build better relationships with your followers.

3. Maintain Your Brand Aesthetic

You want your page to be a visual representation of your brand. Maintaining a consistent theme on Instagram that matches your brand’s logo, website, and graphic scheme is so important. Set an established color palette and filter that you will use throughout your entire feed. Using a different filter for every post can make your feed feel unprofessional and a little disjointed. Your goal is for your page to have a sense of visual harmony. Someone should be able to see a photo on their feed and know right away who posted it. This is also a great opportunity for your brand to showcase its personality and style.

4. Don’t Forget To Use Captions

Some users omit captions, but these captions are essential to telling your brand’s story. Yes, a strong image alone is great, but a strong image with a well-matched story is even better. Instagram captions are limited to 2,200 characters, and you should always have the most important part of your message within the first three lines. Those first three lines of your caption should be focused on getting your audience’s attention and inspiring them, because after the first three lines your caption is truncated with an ellipsis. In order to view the rest of the caption, users will have to click on the “more” button. Despite this, you have the space to share a lot of information, so make sure your captions are put to good use.

Of course, these aren’t the only methods for making the most out of Instagram, but implementing these 4 strategies into your Instagram marketing plan is a perfect place to start, and will allow you to do powerful things for your brand. Regardless of who your audience is, you’ll be sure to reach them by using Instagram. As you start putting these procedures to work, you’ll begin to notice trends, such as what time of day is the best to post, and what types of content your followers enjoy. Take note of these things and make changes within your strategy. Building an engaged and loyal following is never easy, but with the right approach and a bit of practice, you’ll be sure to find a great fit for your brand on Instagram.


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