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4 Instagram Strategies Every Brand Needs To Know

Are you part of the rapidly-expanding number of users utilizing the popular photo-sharing platform Instagram? If not, it might be time to consider signing up. Over the last few years, Instagram has not only remained the leading social media platform, it has also seen remarkable growth. As of June 2018, the photo-sharing network had reached 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram has become a key platform for brands to market themselves, making it clear that there is so much more to Instagram than just posting a picture with a cool filter.

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[VIDEO] A Conversation With Julie Holton: Broadcast News

A powerful story is a story that matters. One that impacts an entire community. We love telling stories that make a difference. In fact, before she launched mConnexions, our Principal Strategist, Julie Holton built a career on telling stories on TV news. As an Executive Producer, she led teams of news reporters and producers at stations throughout the country. Recently, Julie sat down with Paul Schmidt Uno Deuce Multimedia to talk about her experience working in news. One major story that stands out was her team’s coverage of the major and tragic 2007 collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis. 

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Guest Blog: An Integrative Approach to Reducing your Breast Cancer Risk

October is for pink, for awareness, for warriors. At mConnexions, we are grateful for our beautifully strong breast cancer survivors. And we know that even with awareness, we are still at risk of losing men and women we love to this disease. So in the spirit of awareness… of action… we are sharing this guest blog written by an advocate and warrior we love, Alexis Schneider of Lotus Life Wellness. If you are on a cancer journey, caring for someone with cancer, or finding whatever "normal" might mean after cancer, consider Lotus Life and Alexis, for her nurturing guidance to get you through your journey to wellness and beyond.

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