Podcast: How to Grow Your Audience on Instagram

Woman taking a selfie for Instagram

If your Instagram numbers have taken a hit, you’re in good company. Changes in the algorithm mean we need to work to get those numbers back. But today, we’re going to skip talking about algorithms and instead focus on one thing: our audience.

We definitely have to play by the rules — but we can’t cover the algorithms in a minute. So let’s talk about the most important component: our audience.

If you’re like me, you must be tired of hearing that to grow your social media following, you just need to share quality content that people care about. Well, duh. Isn’t that what we’re all trying to do?!

The problem is, it’s true. We just need to peel back the layers to learn what quality means to our audience — and what they really care about.

How well do you know your target persona?
When was the last time you actually *asked* what your audience wants?

Do that first. Adjust your content. And then focus on following the rules of the algorithm. We’ve got more on that on our blog — and a free persona worksheet too, to get you started.

The mConnexions Marketing Minute is a weekly podcast offering marketing insights from the team at mConnexions. Click here to listen to more episodes. Have a topic you’d like to request? Let us know!


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