Podcast: Three Tips for Starting a Business Blog

So you want to start a blog! Or — you have a blog and it hasn’t taken off yet. There hundreds of tips out there if you just Google what to do. But who has time for that? Today, we break it down to just three things. The only three business blogging tips you really need.

Our first tip for business blogging success: know when and how often to post. You’re going to have to do some research on your audience to know when to post. Co-schedule.com says the highest percentage of users read blogs in the morning. The average blog gets the most comments on Saturday. Yet they get the most traffic around 11 a-m Eastern during the week… We have more stats on when to post on our own blog — but I encourage you to get to know your own audience.

As for how often to post? Keep in mind that with too few posts, your blog will disappear. Too many posts, and you become background noise. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, and the right frequency will depend on your industry, the size of your company, and how often you can create high-quality content.

Which brings us to our second tip: create a content calendar. The most challenging part of creating a blog is knowing what to post! Coming up with interesting, informative, and relevant topics doesn’t have to be stressful. Ask yourself — what’s happening in your industry? What does your audience care about? What do they need to know? Then — remember your mission.

The third key to successful business blogging is simple: stay on-brand with your mission. Each blog should be written with your target audience. You would never provide low-quality service to your clients, so make sure you provide high-quality content on your blog.

The mConnexions Marketing Minute is a weekly podcast offering marketing insights from the team at mConnexions. Click here to listen to more episodes. Have a topic you’d like to request? Let us know!


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