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Why Video Marketing? Why Now?

Why Video Marketing? Why Now?   There is no shortage of content in our lives. From piles of paperwork on our desks, to notes and newsletters from our children’s schools, to emails and digital data bombarding us online, the text can be overwhelming. It’s in this world of information overload that we find a breath of fresh air in video. Not only is it easier for our brains to process the visuals, over the sea text in our lives, it’s also much easier to create an emotional impact through video. It allows us to humanize concepts and information that an audience might…

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Will You be LinkedIn or Left Out?

It is growing more and more misleading to refer to LinkedIn as a “social” media platform. Although it is one of the most popular digital marketing platforms, it is far from simply a social tool. LinkedIn is the leading online business-oriented networking service used to connect professionals. Ten years after its launch, LinkedIn reported more than 259 million members in more than 200 countries and territories. So it prompts the question: will you be LinkedIn or Left out? When actively used, LinkedIn can strengthen and extend the existing network of your trusted contacts. Whether you own a small business, are a…

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