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Expert Connexions: Tax and Accounting Changes due to the Coronavirus

In this virtual chat, Nikali Luke, a Partner and CPA at Simplified Tax & Accounting Service PC., answers tax and accounting questions related to the ongoing changes from the Coronavirus pandemic. Nikali Luke specializes in individual and corporation income tax preparation. Additionally, he assists clients with QuickBooks, payroll and other consulting needs. Learn more: Transcript: Julie: Good afternoon. Welcome to our special Facebook live series called expert connexions. We are interviewing experts with information and insights to help all of us during this COVID-19 pandemic. I'm Julie Holton, the Founder and Principal Strategist of mConnexions. We are seeing some really incredible things…

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Expert Connexions: Tips for Coronavirus Cleaning

The Coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets that experts say can be shared through a sneeze, a cough or even when someone is talking. That’s why social distancing and deep cleaning are important ways to fight the spread of the virus. Nick Aiello of PuroClean of Mid-Michigan talks about the best ways to make sure your environment is safe. Learn more about PuroClean of Mid-Michigan: Transcript: Julie: Morning. Welcome back to our special series called expert connexions where we are connecting with you as experts who can help during this coronavirus pandemic. I'm Julie Holton and I'm the Founder and Principal Strategist…

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Expert Connexions: Resources for Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

In this virtual chat, Laurie Lonsdorf of the Small Business Development Center shares the latest resources and information to help support small businesses during COVID-19. Laurie channels her first-hand experience as a former business owner into a passion for helping others to start-up, run and market their companies. Laurie provides one-on-one business counseling and delivers a range of business training focused on startup and marketing issues. For more information on the Small Business Development Center: Transcript: Julie: Welcome to our special Facebook live series called expert connexions where we are interviewing experts with information and insights to help us through this COVID-19…

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Expert Connexions: Resources for Parents with Kids at Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In this virtual chat, Integrative Health Coach, Amy Ogle shares guidance and ideas for parents adjusting to having their kids from home during the Coronavirus pandemic. As an Integrative Health Coach, Amy helps people work toward their health and wellness goals. Working with families and individuals in areas of healthy eating, weight management, energy, and fitness, deconstructing cravings, personal care, life transitions, and more. Each person is unique as are their situations. In partnering with clients, Amy helps them listen to the clues their bodies give them and identify needs. Once identified, she helps to build a plan customized to their…

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Expert Connexions: Key Principles to Follow in a Pandemic

We are seeing some incredible things happening in our community. Businesses stepping up to help other businesses. People working hard to make sure others are fed, their needs met. There are so many positives! We also know that it’s not easy. How you’re doing can sometimes change by the hour. We’re here to help connect our community to experts with knowledge and resources to share. In this virtual chat, Andrew Bailey, of Washington Avenue Ventures talks about four key principles that we can all use to get through this pandemic. Andrew coaches business owners and executives and…

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Expert Connexions: The Impact of Coronavirus on Employers

Attorney Clifford Hammond of Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC joined us on Facebook to talk about the impact of the Coronavirus on employers. Clifford Hammond is a member of Foster Swift's Employers Services practice group in the Southfield and Lansing offices where he focuses his practice on employment and labor law counsel and litigation. He has extensive experience with the National Labor Relations Act, Michigan Employment Relations Commission, Federal and State Courts, State and Federal administrative agency proceedings, collective bargaining, arbitration, mediation, union avoidance, employment litigation, and dispute resolution. Learn more: Transcript: Julie: Good afternoon. Welcome to our special Facebook series…

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Expert Connexions: How to ‘Show Up’ During a Crisis

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic has presented all of us with new challenges and changes to our normal routine. For some, the word challenge may even be making light of the situation, as businesses and schools are shuttered and people in some parts of the country are mandated to stay home. While we do not take any of this lightly, we do want to recognize that these changes also present, for some, opportunities. Coach and Founder of Corporate to Calling, Nora Luke joined us live on Facebook to share some ways that we can all 'show up' during…

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Expert Connexions: The Legal Impact of a Pandemic

To help clients address legal questions sparked by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Foster Swift law firm quickly established a Coronavirus Task Force. Attorney John Mashni joined us for our Expert Connexions series to share important information from this task force in a live interview on Facebook. Mashni discusses adhering to emergency orders, recent tax changes, managing contracts with clients, understanding employment law and cyber-security risks. Learn more as we work to help you manage your business during this ever-changing time. You can also access more resources from the Foster Swift task force here: Transcript: Julie: Called expert connexions. I'm Julie Holton, the founder…

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Expert Connexions: Mental Health Tips During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you're not feeling like yourself lately, you are not alone. Whether dealing with the health concerns of COVID-19, the financial worries, the schooling questions -- or all of the above, we are all trying to adjust. At mConnexions, we see you, we hear you, and we are in this together! The next guest in our lineup of Expert Connexions interviews knows this mantra well. Joyce Marter is a psychotherapist, author, and national public speaker. Her work is published all over the world. She is also a successful entrepreneur — and a mom who, like all of us, is quarantined at home right…

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Expert Connexions: Think Tank of Three Co-Hosts Talk About Personal & Professional Life During COVID-19

As our Expert Connexions series continues, we present a slight twist. This next expert is a Business Development Coach at the 7th largest law firm in the Pacific Northwest. She is also the co-host of a podcast geared for women, called Think Tank of Three, with our own Principal Strategist, Julie Holton. We launched this series to help as our community deals with the impact of COVID-19. In this virtual coffee break, Audrea Fink shares her thoughts on how this has impacted her job, and how quickly privilege has been redefined. We are so glad you’re joining us… we’ve had thousands…

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