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Expert Connexions: How to Conduct Business during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this virtual chat, attorney Patricia Scott of Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC talks about how to conduct business during the COVID-19 pandemic. What to do when a vendor closes, how to handle collections and more. As a leader of the firm's Finance, Real Estate and Bankruptcy law practice group, Patricia concentrates her practice in the areas of bankruptcy, finance, collections, real estate, and commercial litigation. Her work with financial institutions includes collections, loan workouts, foreclosures, receiverships and various complex banking and finance issues. Patricia also represents companies - from small and mid-sized businesses to large corporations - in multi-faceted…

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Expert Connexions: The Impact of Coronavirus on the Wedding Industry

In this virtual chat, we talk with Jessica Brooks, owner of The Dress Shop, about the impact of the Coronavirus shutdown on the wedding industry. Jessica is a small business owner with a lot of information for a very specific demographic — brides and grooms who are planning 2020 weddings. Learn more: Transcript: Julie: Good morning. Welcome to our special Facebook live series Expert Connexions. We are now midway through our third week of connecting you with experts from a variety of industries all with insights to share as we navigate through this COVID-19 pandemic. We have talked with legal and tax…

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Expert Connexions: Coronavirus & the Real Estate Market

A lot of changes due to the Coronavirus have rolled out that impact the housing industry. What does Coronavirus mean for the spring housing market? Home inspections? Appraisals? Showings? Closings? In this virtual chat, we talk with Amy Jackson, Learn more: Transcript: Julie: Welcome to our Facebook live series, Expert Connexions. We are in our third week now of offering these live Q&A sessions because there are so many changes and challenges because of the coronavirus that we really need the community now more than ever. I'm Julie Holton, I'm the Founder and Principal Strategist of mConnexions Marketing Agency. I am…

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Expert Connexions: Habitat for Humanity Capital Region

Our entire global community is feeling the impact of changes being made due to Coronavirus. As we face these challenges together, we are highlighting services available to help you make adjustments, with a special Q&A series on Facebook. In this virtual chat, we talk with Vicki Hamilton-Allen of Habitat for Humanity Capital Region. Transcript: Julie: Welcome back to our special Facebook life series Expert Connexions. I'm Julie Holton, I'm the Founder and Principal Strategist of mConnexions Marketing Agency. So grateful to have you with us and so honored to be sharing so many stories with you as we all deal with this COVID-19…

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Expert Connexions: Coronavirus Marketing Strategies

We kick off our third week of live interviews with a special roundtable of experts from mConnexions! In this virtual chat, four members of our team talk about developing new marketing strategies and tactics to help your business get through the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics include: ▪️ ???????????????????????????????? & ???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. It doesn’t end after your initial email or meeting. We talk about how to stay on top of communications. ▪️ ????????????????????????????????????. What you say and how you say it matters now more than ever. How are you adjusting your marketing language? We talk about emails, social media, and digital event promotion. Hint: It is…

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