Expert Connexions: Feeding Our Frontline Heroes with Crystal Gardens

Expert Connexions Covid-19

Our friends and clients at Crystal Gardens Banquet Center have delivered hundreds of free meals to our frontline heroes!

We talked with them live in our Expert Connexions series to learn how each of us can contribute.

Watch these video clips to learn more and head to to join the cause with a donation.


Julie: We know this is, of course, a very difficult time for so many people including our frontline heroes and so Crystal Gardens is really stepping up in a big way to give back to those heroes.

DeVonna: We have a kitchen, we have staff, let’s prepare box lunches and deliver them to our frontline heroes. They’re scared, they’re working 12-hour shifts, they’re worried about their own families, they have enough on their mind right now as things are peaking. The last thing they should have to worry about is where are they’re going to get groceries from or where they’re going to get a meal from? So to be able to provide meals right now at this time is just so critical to all of our frontline workers. We really want to keep this going. We did about 500 meals last week and the demand is way more than we expected.

Julie: What a great peace of mind to be able to give them as you mentioned, as they go to work each day. Why should people donate to this cause as opposed to maybe some other COVID donations going on right now?

DeVonna: I would say I don’t care who people donate, just donate. Find a cause that speaks to you. Just donate to whatever you see fit, however much you can, to any cause you can. There’s strength in numbers. If we all help each other, we’re going to come out on the end of this stronger than ever.


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