Facebook Algorithm Changes: How to Adjust Your Video Strategy

Adjust your Video Strategy for Facebook Algorithm Changes

If content is king, then video remains the supreme ruler on Facebook. The social media platform made waves with its announcement early this year that it was putting a new emphasis on meaningful social interactions. The recent changes to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm are designed to better help people connect with other people, which means brands and publishers are taking a back seat to content from friends and family. 

Advertising executives have speculated that these new rules could ultimately fuel the social network’s video ambitions. Video content is among the most shared content online, and Facebook is no exception. For businesses looking to push back against losses in organic impressions following the algorithm changes, video provides a great avenue. We know that multi-media has long been favored within Facebook’s algorithm, and recent changes seem to have only amplified that fact.

To give us a deeper look into how the Facebook algorithm change should impact your video strategy, we turn to Creative Video Strategist Paul Schmidt of Uno Deuce Multimedia:

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Paul Schmidt of Uno Deuce Multimedia has been a visual storyteller for as long as he can remember and decided to turn that into a career. He chose video as his medium and his award winning style has been seen nationally as well as praised locally. A self-proclaimed community proponent and pro-Michigan advocate, he owns and is creative video strategist for UnoDeuce Multimedia, which is celebrating its 6th year in Lansing. Paul was just recently awarded the 2015 Entrepreneur Institute Micro-Entrepreneur of the Year.

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