5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Whether you’re launching an email marketing strategy for the first time or just want to improve your existing technique, here are our top five tips to make your email campaigns more effective.

1. Pay attention to your email header.

The information in the header controls an email’s transmission, so it’s vital for getting the email to the right person.

Start by using a reputable email service provider. Also, consider third-party certification. Although this is not free, it provides a guarantee to the Internet service provider (ISP) that you are not a spammer.

Try using different “From” names for different emails, such as your company name or the name of a specific employee. However, changing the “From” field too often can set off spam filters.

Never use “[email protected]” or other obscure addresses in the “From” field, which could get your email stuck in the spam folder.

Email Marketing - Subject Lines2. Use a strategic subject line.

According to a Consumer Pulse report, 47% of survey respondents use the subject line to decide whether or not to open an email. The ever-important subject line should pass spam filters and entice the recipient into opening the email.

Test different subject lines to see which ones get more open and response rates. Use offers, curiosity, questions, and personalization. Avoid all caps, numbers, or special characters.

Keep email subject lines under 50 characters. This accommodates shorter attention spans and the increasing use of mobile devices to read emails.

Several web clients provide preheader text to preview the email’s contents. Be sure to use this preheader text because most people will see this in their email preview pane.

3. Always use alt text if your email has graphics.

Slow networks, security software, and other issues may prevent an email’s images from loading. Always use brief, descriptive alt text embedded in the image’s HTML code so that it appears even if the image cannot be downloaded.

If you’re not sure what to use for alt text, think about what information the image is meant to convey, or what actions you want it to trigger.

Avoid using an all-image design in marketing emails. If you do choose to use one, keep your email size below 100kb.

4. Include a specific call to action (CTA) in your marketing email.

Although it usually comes at the end of an email, the CTA should be one of the first things you consider.

The CTA should be short and simple, but also specific. What exactly do you want the reader to do after reading–visit your website? Share the email? Call your office? They won’t know until you tell them!

If you are directing your readers to a link, do not use Bitly or other link shorteners. These are a big trigger for spam filters.

Email Marketing - Social Media Share Buttons

5. Always include social buttons.

Adding social buttons can encourage readers to share the email’s content or follow your organization on social media.

Follow buttons can create visibility for your social-media pages and increase your organization’s reach. Any and all content your organization produces should have share buttons, which help introduce your content to new readers.

A quick Google search is usually all you need to get the right social-media icons for your email. Alternatively, a graphic designer can create ones to your specifications.

Give your email marketing a fresh start.

The right combination of details can create an attention-getting, effective email. Don’t hesitate to experiment with these ideas. It may take some time before you learn what approach works best for you.

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