mConnexions Marketing Minute

Weekly podcast offering marketing insights.

mConnexions Principal Strategist, Julie Holton has more than 15 years of media and marketing experience. As an entrepreneur, Julie understands the day-to-day work that it takes to run a business. As a marketer, she has the expertise to show you how to make strategic decisions about where to spend your time, budget, and resources to generate new business. As your podcast host, Julie shares marketing insights in a weekly podcast, the mConnexions Marketing Minute.

Think Tank of Three Podcast with Julie Holton, Audrea Fink, Reischea Canidate Kapasouris

Think Tank of Three

Weekly blog & podcast empowering women in business and life.

In a world of super competitiveness and polarization, we’re bringing together women from different backgrounds to share their stories to help empower other women. Think Tank of Three offers collaboration, encouragement, and conversation so that together we can learn, support, and share.

We are women from different professional backgrounds. One of us owns our own company, one still works for “the (wo)man”; all of us love (nearly) every minute of it. We’ve figured out a few things and want to help other women who are looking to step up their game at work and achieve rockstar status.



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