Podcast: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

For some of us, Alexa and Siri are like extended family. They turn on our lights, dial our phone, and reorder dog food on Amazon. Are they also helping promote your business?

By next year, experts estimate that half of all digital searches will be done using voice search. That’s awesome if you’re driving and want to change the radio station — but, it also means we need to optimize our business content to make sure we’re found.

Here are five areas to focus your efforts:

  1. You must have a mobile-friendly website. This really isn’t even a question anymore, with more people turning to tablets and phones instead of desktops.
  2. For voice search, it’s also really important that you are optimized for local search results. If you’re not utilizing Google My Business, Siri isn’t going to give directions to your office.
  3. Keywords are important for all search engine results — for voice searches, you’ll want to use more natural, conversational search terms as keywords.
  4. Make sure you’re using SEO tools that include a featured snippet. This allows you to write a small amount of relevant content at the top of a search engine results page.
  5. You may want to consider structured data in your HTML code.

We go more in-depth on that on our website. Just head over to this blog on Optimizing for Voice Search.

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