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Podcast: 6 Tips for Creating a Thriving Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has become a popular umbrella term for the collective experience within the workplace. And it’s getting attention because it deserves it – a thriving culture can be an incredible asset, and a negative culture can be a company’s detriment.

But how does a company create a positive culture?

By taking thoughtful, purposeful action, you can create meaningful change within the structure of an organization. Today I’m going to share six of my favorite tips to help you create a thriving culture.

  1. Determine your company’s mission and core values, and share them company-wide.
  2. Encourage your leaders to model the values, engaging with employees through meaningful and respectful interactions.
  3. When hiring, keep in mind that a diverse employee population leads to greater insight, innovation, and creativity.
  4. Make sure your policies, values, and behaviors reflect a welcoming and inclusive culture.
  5. Create an environment where people enjoy working, feel safe, and feel inspired.
  6. Believe that your employees are your greatest asset, and be sure to communicate your appreciation and gratitude.

You can create big, positive changes in your company culture by starting with these tips. Shifting culture can take time, but studies show it is well worth the effort.  Read more on these six tips in our recent blog.

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