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Podcast: Setting Up Your Business Operations

Let’s take a mini time-out from marketing — to talk about operations. Before we can execute a good marketing strategy, entrepreneurs need structure and organization to successfully launch and grow.

Whether you are starting a new business or going through a period of growth, your business is only as strong as the foundation you build — especially as you grow and scale.

  • Make sure you take the time you need to set up the right tools for email, CRM, and your sales pipeline.
  • You also need the right organization and procedures in place for invoicing, tracking expenses, subscriptions, and project management… The longer you wait — the messier it will get!
  • Including, Client Experience and Cultivating Company Culture. They might be on the bottom of your list — but they will end up being among the most important.

We’ll talk about this more in our next episode.

The mConnexions Marketing Minute is a weekly podcast offering marketing insights from the team at mConnexions. Click here to listen to more episodes. Have a topic you’d like to request? Let us know!

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