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Podcast: How to Build Yourself as a Thought Leader

Think of the best speaker you’ve ever heard. The best podcaster. The best newscaster. The best friend who’s just a wealth of knowledge.

They all have one thing in common: their position as a thought leader. You can have that expertise and authority. When done right, thought leadership can build you personally and strengthen your brand, but you must do it strategically to do it successfully.

On this marketing Monday, we’re talking about thought leadership.  Those who have it leverage it to sell products, find clients, and create a name for themselves. So how do you get it?

Let’s break it down to four concise tips:

  1. Know your audience. You first have to know who you are you talking to in order to craft the right message that says ‘hey, listen to me!’.
  2. Create content that counts. By this, I mean don’t simply say what everyone else is saying. find topics that matter, and either start the conversation or add to it in a meaningful way.
  3. Build your network. To make sure your content is reaching your target audience, you have to actively add to your network. whether you’re passing out business cards or adding someone online — be authentic in making these connections.
  4. Don’t forget engagement. Your audience wants attention. You can use your team or support staff to do this, as long as it still comes across in a way that feels genuine and authentic.

The mConnexions Marketing Minute is a weekly podcast offering marketing insights from the team at mConnexions. Click here to listen to more episodes. Have a topic you’d like to request? Let us know!

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