What’s in a name? When we’re talking about marketing or branding — it’s safe to say, everything. So how do you choose the right name when launching a new blog, podcast, or marketing campaign?

When launching a new blog or marketing campaign, you’ve gotta start with a good name. Far too often, we see people pick a name — register a domain and start publishing content — only to find that quick pick is a bad fit. If your name is too long — too awkward — or needs to be explained, you’re going to want to rethink it.

Here are six tips to get it right from the start:

  1. First — take your time.
  2. Find a name that is catchy.
  3. But, short, concise, and easy to understand.
  4. You’ll want your domain to have the same name — so make sure it’s available and in your budget. Some keywords like consulting are pricey.
  5. Thinking of going personal with your name? Think again if you ever want to sell your brand in the future.
  6. And finally, when you land on a name — check for trademarks or registered brands. The last thing you need is legal trouble, or to land right back where you started in finding a new name.

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